Share your dream

Allow everyone to experience a vineyard lifestyle.

Say goodbye to banks and distributors

Allow your customers to fund your projects, refinance your vineyard or purchase your entire vineyard.
Wine enthusiasts investing in your vines will be your first customers.

Build loyalty and secure your legacy

When refinancing your vineyard with your customers, you create a direct long term relationship between wine enthusiasts and your vineyard.
When selling your vineyard to your customers, you ensure your legacy. And you are always welcome to visit your vines, consult for us or even continue making wine with us.

What we do

Refinance your vineyard by your customers
  • We make it easy for wine enthusiasts to invest in your vines for 20 years. You pay them back in wine. Not in cash.
  • The business equity and land equity are not included in the transactions which simplifies the relationship between the vineyards and the wine enthusiasts.
Improve retention and DtC sales
  • Vine owners become part of the vineyard for up to 20 years and have unique perks that secure more stable revenues.
  • As part of the vineyard, vine owners are your best ambassadors.
Sell your vineyard to your customers
  • We raise funds to purchase your vineyard cash in one simple transaction.
  • We are always open to to keep you onboard so you can continue to make wine as a consultant or an employee.

Key figures

Ready to Invest  _ Grand Winery
$999* for
6 vines

Hundreds of members ready to invest $999 to $10,000 in vines.

Improve customer retention  _ Grand Winery

Members investing in vines commit to purchase wine for up to 20 years.

many vines  _ Grand Winery
vines listed

Vineyards are joining this WIN-WIN model.

Revenue  _ Grand Winery
0% interest rate

There are no interests when you pay back in bottles of wine.


Grand Winery creates a direct long term relationship between vineyards and  consumers.

How it works

Tonekizing vines  _ Grand Winery

Grand Winery creates a Non Fungible Token for a 6-vine micro parcel

Discount for members  _ Grand Winery
6 bottle

6-vine owners get preferred conditions for 6 bottles per year.

Vineyard Experience  _ Grand Winery

Vine owner are invited to participate to structured online and onsite events.

Easy and flexible  _ Grand Winery
Easy and

Vineyards choose to refinance or sell their property.

Build something special

Digitize your vineyard  _ Grand Winery

Hundreds of members ready to invest $1,000 to $10,000 in vines

Share a dream _ Grand Winery
a dream

Members investing in vines commit to purchase wine for 5 to 30 years.

Improve customer retention  _ Grand Winery

Vineyards are joining this WIN-WIN model

Create growth  _ Grand Winery

Projections show a 50% increase in revenue compared to most traditionnal wine clubs

Join our Team

Marc R. Kauffman
Noted Celebrity Sommelier & wine industry consultant

Marc has over 30 years of experience in the wine industry and knows all its facets from wine packaging, trading, marketing to TV reality shows and consulting.

Bart Biernat
CEO & Founder of Grand Winery

Bart  has +15 years experience in Business Excellence consulting. He started Grand Winery by growing vines in his backyard and making wine with his friends and neighbors.

Anne Dumont

Anne holds a WSET Level 4 Diploma and a business school master degree.She has developed many skills about wine training, export, marketing & wine tourism.

Phillip Cowan
CTO and blockchain Expert

Phil is the founder of Idea By Nature and has developed many digital brands and products, He has been involved in blockchain projects since 2013.

Patrick Field
Serial entrepreneur & Vineyards owner

Patrick has developed multiple companies including Envino Bottles, Field Manufacturing  Corp and Field Vineyards in Sonoma & Mendocino, California.

Patricia Mitchell
Serial entrepreneur & Vineyard owner

Patti has created multiple companies in the wine industry including Intrepid sprits and the wine candy company. She is also the owner of Pacific View vineyard and winery.

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