Infinity ChampagneInfinity Champagne


Vines from $499
20-year vines ownership · Dolcetto
12 bottles of wine/year · Private events
Sonoma PinotSonoma Pinot


Vines from $699
20 -year vines ownership · Chardonnay
12 bottles of wine/year · Exclusive events
Grand RoséGrand Rosé


Vines from $799
20-year vines ownership · Grenache Rose
12 bottles of wine/year · Private label
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Own vines.

Own 6-vine parcels

Grand Winery divides vineyards into 6-vine parcels.

Start your vintner’s journey

Learn and enjoy fun events, harvests, wine tastings, blending, winemaking workshops with local producers.

Have your name on the vines and on the bottles

Receive a vines ownership certificate and have your name on your vines. Complete your vintner's journey and add your name on the bottles.

Maintain local traditions

Your contribution to the vines allows producers to maintain local traditions.

Get 12 uniques bottles per year

Owning a 6-vine parcels allows you to get 12 unique bottles per year at preferred conditions.

Experience the vineyard lifestyle.

Have fun and become an expert of your own wine.

Own. Learn. Share.

Step 1/7
(each parcel makes 6 bottles per year)
Step 2/7
(each parcel makes 12 bottles per year)
Step 3/7
(each parcel makes 12 bottles per year)
Step 4/7
Which of these locations is more attractive to you?
Step 5/7
(wedding, company events, family reunions...etc)
Step 6/7
(wedding, company events, family reunions...etc)
(wedding, company events, family reunions...etc)


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