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Crafting unique bottles at global scale

Wine industry problem

With +250,000 wine brands, competition is increasing and loyalty is decreasing.

Solution: vine ownership + engagement

Grand winery creates a direct long term relationship between wine enthusiasts and vineyards through shared vines ownership and a structured vintner’s experience.


Our goal is to allow anyone to own a vineyard and make unique bottles for each wine enthusiast.
The difference between 2 good bottles of wine is always the story and memories one bottle brings.

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Vine token

Digital vines

Unique vines
  • Each wine is different because each combination of vine, terroir and know-how is different.

Non-Fungible tokens
  • Grand winery creates unique digital vines in a form of a Non-fungible token (NFT), a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain.

Vine lifecycle
  • Each digital vine is linked to a natural vine.

Key figures

Direct to customer  _ Grand Winery

The US wine industry represents $70B and D-T-C sales grow +25% per year.

Ready to Invest  _ Grand Winery
are ready

Hundreds ready to invest up to $10,000 in vines.

NFT grwoth _ Grand Winery

Non-Fungible-Token have seen an unprecedented growth since 2019.

A win win project  _ Grand Winery
A win-win

A win-win model for Vine-owners, Vineyards, and investors.


Imagine you can drink and share your own
family wine for $999

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Project Traction

Q3 · 2020
Idea and Market validation
  • Demand: 200 people in Los Angeles ready to pay +$1,000 for 6 vines (subscribed in 2 months)

  • Offer: 6 Vineyards on board in California with +100,000 vines ($25M value)

Q4 · 2020
Team Building and MVP definition
  • Team consolidated with wine industry and blockchain experts in the USA and France.

  • Product discovery conducted to define an MVP and an initial product roadmap.

Q1-Q2 · 2021
Product - Partnerships - licenses
  • Develop MVP and partnerships with vineyards.

  • Initiate all wine licenses process

  • Develop structured events program and wine sales features for partnering vineyards.

  • Develop extreme team patience while going through the long wine licenses process!!!

Q2 · 2022
Start pre-orders
  • Start preorders to finance and refinance vineyards.

Consumers win

Own vines  _ Grand Winery

By buying vinecoins, vine owners get their names on the corresponding vines.

Vineyard Experience  _ Grand Winery
Vineyard experience

Vine owners are invited to participate to workshops and exclusive events in the vineyard.

Discount for members  _ Grand Winery
Savings on

A 6-vine owner gets to buy 6 bottles a year at preferred conditions.

Custom label  _ Grand Winery

By participating to the winemaking process, vine owners get custom wines and bottle labels.

Vineyards win

Digitize your vineyard  _ Grand Winery

Monetize vines and create immediate revenues.

Share a dream _ Grand Winery

Use cash flow to finance more vines, grapes, tasting rooms…

Improve customer retention  _ Grand Winery

Vine owners are more than consumers. They are part of the vineyard.

Direct to customer  _ Grand Winery

Vine owners are also the best ambassadors

Join our Team

Marc R. Kauffman
Noted Celebrity Sommelier & wine industry consultant

Marc has over 30 years of experience in the wine industry and knows all its facets from wine packaging, trading, marketing to TV reality shows and consulting.

Bart Biernat
CEO & Founder of Grand Winery

Bart  has +15 years experience in Business Excellence consulting. He started Grand Winery by growing vines in his backyard and making wine with his friends and neighbors in Micro Vineyards.

Anne Dumont

Anne holds a WSET Level 4 Diploma and a business school master degree. She has developed many skills about wine training, export, marketing & wine tourism.

Phillip Cowan
CTO and blockchain Expert

Phil is the founder of Idea By Nature and has developed many digital brands and products, He has been involved in blockchain projects since 2013.

Patrick Field
Serial entrepreneur & Vineyards owner

Patrick has developed multiple companies including Envino Bottles, Field Manufacturing  Corp and Field Vineyards in Sonoma & Mendocino, California.

Patricia Mitchell
Serial entrepreneur & Vineyard owner

Patti has created multiple companies in the wine industry including Intrepid sprits and the wine candy company. She is also the owner of Pacific View vineyard and winery.

Build long-term loyalty

in the $220B wine industry

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