Vine ownership

  • Own a 6-vine parcel for a 3-year winemaking cycle.
  • Renew your ownership every year for up to 30 years to maintain your vines during their lifecycle.
  • Each 6-vine parcel will give you a prime access to 12 bottles and open many privileges in your vineyard.
  • Get to know everything about your terroir, your vines and your wine.
  • Participate in fun winemaking workshops and become an expert of your own bottles.
Be part of an exclusive connected community.

How it works: make wine with us!

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Step 1
Revenue  _ Grand Winery
Buy Vinecoins
Vineyards are divided into 6-vine parcels using digital vines (vinecoins).
Buy an initial 3-year ownership (one vintage cycle) and renew every year after, by paying for your vine maintenance for the full vine lifecycle.
You can own micro parcels in multiple vineyards to create your own unique vineyard.
Step 2
Vineyard Experience  _ Grand Winery
Start your vintner’s journey
Have fun making wine with us!
Participate to exclusive events and workshops in your vineyard. By discovering the main steps in the winemaking process, you will master each vintage characteristics, making your bottles unique.
Step 3
Have your name on the vines and bottles
Receive a vine ownership certificate and have your name on the vines.
Complete the Vintner's journey and earn your name on the bottles.
Step 4
Custom label  _ Grand Winery
Get 12 uniques bottles per year
A 6-vine parcel produces 12 bottles per year.
Owning 6-vines gives you the right to get 12 bottles per year at preferred conditions (see details in each vineyard).

Build a unique vineyard

with vines and wines under your name in California, France, Italy…etc

Did you know?

It takes 5 to 7 years to make wine
  • A vine starts producing mature grapes only 3 to 5 years after you plant it.
  • Once you harvest your first grapes you need to age your wine for a minimum of 2 years (often more)
  • It takes at least 5 to 7 years of investment before a vintner gets to enjoy and sell wine.
We can divide vineyards
  • Blockchain allows us to easily digitize and divide any assets.
  • In the case of vineyards, we divide them in 6-vine parcels that produce a case of wine per year (12 bottles).
  • The ownership period can be established for a defined period of time.
Smart contracts make it easy
  • When you own 6 vines, you own more than plants. You own defined rights to the plant (defined by each vineyard).
  • Standard rights include length of ownership, your name on the vines, prime access to 12 bottles per year at a defined price, events…etc.
Your investment maintains local traditions
  • Your purchase of a 3-year or a 30-year vine ownership allows vineyards to renew their vines, invest in new vines and equipment and maintain their local activity.
  • Your membership will help maintain the terroir, local winemaking traditions and the ecosystem. And as you become part of a vineyard you also become part of the rich heritage of winemaking.


How do I buy vines?
  • Discover each properties and select the number of 6-vine parcels you wish to buy for an initial 3-year ownership period.
  • After the initial 3-year ownership, you can renew every year by paying vine maintenance and winemaking fees.
Can I buy vines in multiple vineyards?
Yes! You can buy vines in multiple locations and build your unique vineyard.
How many vines can I buy?
  • Vines are always sold in 6-vine parcels that produce 12 bottles of wine per year.
  • You can buy as many parcels as you wish, although
    each vineyard sets a limit of vine parcels for sale to public.
Who maintains my vines and makes the wine?
Grand winery works in collaboration with small local vineyards that will maintain your vines and make your wine. You will be invited to discover and participate to the main steps of production (vines pruning/shaping, harvest, blending, tasting, bottling)
When do I receive my wine?
Each vineyard has a different date for their new vintage release. Please check on each vineyar's page when the next release is available.
Can I make revenue from my vine parcels?
No. By owning vines, you only have prime access to the corresponding quantity of wine made by your vines (12 bottles per year for each parcel of 6 vines). You are not allowed to sell this wine unless you have a valid wine license to do so. If this is your intent, you shall consult a specialized attorney. If you do not have one, we will be happy to assist you in your wine venture!